January 12, 2011

industry training

Alhamdulillah, I am currently undergoing industrial training at Zecttron Sdn.Bhd. Zecttron Sdn.Bhd is established in year 2009 as one of the spin off company registers under UM Capital umbrela. Zecttron starts its business via special concept of knowledge sharing for future. The new technology which is gained from the research is translated and drived forword for commercialization. Besides that, the knowledge sharing process occurs from the training sesions and seminar that are conducted by zecttron.

Before i start the industrial training,the officer of zectron,mr hamdan called me and explained about the company. I am interested to participate this company and made confirmation with my faculty. The expertise area of this company:
  1. Advanced Manufacturing Processes
  2. coating technology
  3. Joining technology
  4. Micromachining
I hope to improve my knowledge and experience in engineering, especially mechanical manufacturing.
Thank you.

p/s: try to improve my english=)